Hitler's Children

Hitler's Children is a 2014 Crossroads International Film Festival selection. The following is an index of our posts relating to the film Hitler's Children on this blog and elsewhere on the Web.

Hitler's Children at Crossroads International Film Festival:

  • Sunday, February 9 at 6:30 PM
  • Sunday, February 16 at 4:00 PM
All screenings are at the Darkside Cinema in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Admission is $6, all proceeds benefit Crossroads International programs including Conversation School for women, Three Day Homestays and other programs and events that promote cultural sharing and friendship.

Following the February 9 and February 16 screenings, we are proud to host Professor Paul Kopperman who will lead a post-film discussion. Paul Kopperman, a professor of history, has taught at Oregon State University since 1978.  Among his offerings is “The Holocaust in Its History,” a baccalaureate-core course that is available online as well as on the Oregon State campus.  He has been a member of the Holocaust Memorial Committee since its establishment in 1987 and has served as chair since 1994.  In association with the committee, he has been involved in organizing each of the 28 annual observances of Holocaust Memorial Week on campus and in the Corvallis community.
Professor Paul Kopperman, Chair of the OSU Holocaust Memorial Committee

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